Papuma Beach-Jember-East Java

Papuma beach-Jember-East Java, with its scenic beauty
papuma beach jember east java

papuma beach jember east java


Papuma beach is located 37 kilometers south of the town of Jember and are on track Bromo-Ijen-Bali. Beach with an area of 25 hectares of this, when viewed from above, looks like an elliptical arch. White sand beach complete the image resembles an egg.

Administratively, this Beach into the Village area Lojejer, Wuluhan Subdistrict, Jember Regency, East Java, or about 235 kilometers from the city of Surabaya.

Beside Watu Ulo beach, there is Papuma beach with its white sands that make it more interesting. The beautiful white sand is pleasure to see and to walk on. The beach is always used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists. Besides its natural scenic beauty, it is also rich of animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others. The scenery and atmosphere can be enjoyed more completely at a restaurant which provides Indonesian and Papuma food, a variety of baked fish. Visitors can reach the location by public transportation or via rental car. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes from Jember downtown.

Shorelines Papuma beginning of the culmination Papuma Cape and along the 25 kilometer circular. Lush trees neatly lined up tightly along the edges, like the ceremony of homage to the beach that kept the gods.

When visiting the land sea breeze, the wind blows through the crevices of coral pose unique sounds like the gods who are chanting the mantra to keep the beauty of the beaches in order to remain sustainable.

The gods it is a collection of reef flat which is located slightly away from the face of the beach, lay a base for a similar large coral islands which the locals called the small island.

The entire rock group formed seven small islands some of which were named after gods, Guru Island, Island of Krishna and Narada Island. While some of the other islands, named after the island of Nusa Barong, Kajang Island, and Island frog.

Papuma coast presents a deserted landscape of virgin booty human hands. This is evident from the group of forest vegetation along the edges and a set of pandanus trees that keep the beach from abrasion.

Pandanus tree is unique. Finned leaves with the roots sticking into the ground. The shape resembles a durian fruit layered green and yellow orange. Unfortunately, pandanus fruit inedible.

papuma beach jember east java

papuma beach jember east java


In general, the composition of forest vegetation Papuma Coast consists of two layers. The first layer consists of pandanus plants, daffodils, and babakoan. While the second layer, row-row trees larger than the type nyamplung, sea hibiscus, and ketapang.

Natural impression is still much more viscous with wildlife found sunbathing on the beach, such as monitor lizards, jungle fowl, wild boar, porcupines, armadillos, deer, langur, long-tailed macaques, yellow monkey, and so on.

In addition to the panorama of nature with a group of rock in the middle of the sea and soft white sand along the beach you can enjoy anytime, Cote Papuma other tourist charm presents an increasingly asserts that the composition is a difficult tour perfection to beat.

You want to surround the sea and mingle with the waves? Do not worry, you can hire a fishing boat and go around to enjoy the ocean. You want to watch the sunset? Papuma serve it with a perfect beach in the late twilight.

Not only that, before night falls, there is a remarkable phenomenon that emerged from Lawa Cave can be reached at low tide. Thousands of bats scramble out, convoy, convoy number, looming clouds clustered into space.

All that does not include Siti Hinggil an exotic form of rock with a height of 50 meters above sea level is commonly used as a place tourists enjoying panoramic sea perfectly. At certain moments, you also can see the float ceremonial offerings.

Papuma beach that carries the naturalness of forests and beaches, it does not mean leaving public facilities based on modern society. Managing in a balanced develop common tools, such as playground, campsite, mushala, toilets, parking, gazebo. In fact, guesthouse stays are equipped with air conditioning.

It is not difficult to achieve Papuma Coast. If you are traveling from Surabaya, it only takes 1-2 hours at medium speed. If you do not bring their own vehicle, you can use public transportation with routes Patas AC-Surabaya Jember.

Surabaya, Jember can also be reached by train. Of Jember, usually connected by taxi or public transport which is usually a lot of rural operate in the morning.

Papuma beaches are still many who do not know the whereabouts because access to the beach Papuma quite difficult. It is very unfortunate given Papuma Coast has beautiful scenery, beaches with white sand and reefs, incredible waves soothing eye.

Papuma beach is one beach that is great potential to be developed in Jember. Therefore, the infrastructure must be improved to get there. Of Jember, Beach Papuma can be reached during the one hour trip. However, public access to the beach Papuma quite difficult because of lack of public transport leading to this beach.

When you first visit the beach Papuma in Jember district, certainly the first impression that emerges is a sense of awe watching the beauty of this beach. The visitors can enjoy the charm of Beach Papuma this incredible just by buying a ticket for five thousand dollars for the visitors, two thousand dollars for a car, and a thousand dollars for a motorcycle.

Papuma beach which stands Malikan White Sand Beach is located on the west coast Watu Ulo and has panoramic Island cluster of rocks called Gods, namely the island of Krishna, Narada Island, and Island of Lord Guru. Meanwhile, another place called the island of Nusa Barong, Kajang and Island Frog Island.

Not only that, the beauty of nature in the form of a combination of sea and forests become another attraction for tourists both domestic and foreign waisatawan. Approaching the entrance to the beach Papuma, the visitors spoiled the beauty of the oak forest along the road. For problems with facilities, the Coast Papuma also available cottages and grilled fish specialties Papuma Coast and affordable.

The other side of the beach Papuma is the number of animals are deliberately bred naturally, for example, long-tailed monkeys, deer, and many other animals. On the Eid holiday, Coast Papuma usually visited by many travelers. In general, the travelers are on vacation to the beach after visiting a relative’s house.

The enthusiasm of the people of Côte Papuma less responded to by the local government. This is evident from the lack of good management, such as damaged roads and limited street lighting so that the tourists who come home late afternoon trip will be slightly disrupted. Even so, the charm still not reduced Papaum Coast iota.

Papuma coast is a paradise in the south of Jember. Why? Yes, because the panorama is stunning. For those of you who have a hobby of photography, beach Papuma should be visited. Many beauty that must be the object for photographers, for example white sand, blue sea water, coral reefs, and the forest beyond Papuma Coast. (

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